[Google Contacts] Why are there "DAVx⁵ Address book" and "DAVx⁵" accounts?

This only happens with the Google Contacts app under Android 11.

Because Android doesn't know the concept of address books, DAVx⁵ has to create a so-called DAVx⁵ Address book account for every synchronized CardDAV address book.

Normally, contacts apps only display accounts which can really used to synchronize contacts. In the context of DAVx⁵, these accounts are "DAVx⁵ Address book" accounts.

In the illustration below you can see an account called "t-online" with one address book called "Mein Adressbuch". This address book is the only entry in the AOSP Contacts app, as one would expect.

Google Contacts + Android 11

If you use the Google Contacts app with Android 11, it will not only show DAVx⁵ address books, but also the DAVx⁵ main accounts, although they are not used to synchronize contacts.

Always put contacts into a "DAVx⁵ address book" account. If you put them into a "DAVx⁵ [without: address book]" account, they will not be synchronized!

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How to fix it

This problem would have to be fixed in Google Contacts. Possible workarounds:

  • You can continue to use Google Contacts and put new contacts only into DAVx⁵ address book accounts (see illustration).
  • Or you can use any other contacts app, for instance:
    • your device vendor's Contacts app (including AOSP Contacts),
    • one of the countless other contacts app in the app stores.

Last updated: 11 Dec 2020