Get the right solution for your requirements.

Managed DAVx⁵ is offered as an annual subscription. You'll also get all future software updates while the subscription is active. In order to use Managed DAVx⁵, you need to obtain a license.

You can get a free and non-binding demo license to test Managed DAVx⁵ for 30 days without any obligation. The demo license expires automatically and nothing will be charged.


€ 1,99 per user/month*
min. 5 users
€ 1,49 per user/month*
from 20 users
special discounts on request
from 100 users
special discounts on request
public institutions and non-profit organizations

* billed annually – prices shown without VAT

How to get it running

  1. Install Managed DAVx⁵ from Managed Google Play for some testing devices.
  2. Enter your organization settings and restrictions for Managed DAVx⁵ in the EMM, or edit the configuration file we send you (if you don't use an EMM).
  3. Test the customization and account creation on your testing devices. Until this step, you can try Managed DAVx⁵ even without a license!
  4. To test the actual synchronization, get your free demo license and use the license code we will send to you.
  5. If you're satisfied, you can simply replace the demo license with the purchased one in the EMM or config file and you're done!