Can I use DAVx⁵ with Tor?

You can configure Orbot so that all network traffic on your device or only traffic of specific apps like DAVx⁵ is routed over it.

Some people and entities put efforts in spying on Tor users. If you're using Tor, you may also be target of various active and passive attacks. Make sure that you know what you're doing.

If you're using HTTPS over Tor, we recommend to distrust system certificates in DAVx⁵ settings and verify every certificate manually.

Orbot can be used with DAVx⁵ in two ways: either in VPN mode (recommended) or using the local SOCKS proxy.

VPN Mode

  1. Start Orbot and add DAVx⁵ to Tor-enabled Apps.
  2. Enable VPN mode in Orbot. A virtual VPN connection that connects to the Tor network is established and all DAVx⁵ traffic is automatically routed over it.

DNS resolution of Tor domains (.onion) is handled by the local DNS server of the Tor VPN.

This mode doesn't require any extra setup. However, in Android there can only be one VPN at a time, so this mode can't be used if you need a real VPN in addition to Tor.

Proxy mode

  1. Start Orbot and let it connect to the Tor network.
  2. Open DAVx⁵, choose Settings from the app drawer, and configure it as follows:
    • Proxy type: SOCKS (for Orbot)
    • Proxy host: localhost
    • Proxy port: 9050 (Orbot default)
  3. When DAVx⁵ now connects to a CalDAV/CardDAV server, it will use the Orbot proxy and thus connect over Tor.

DNS resolution of Tor domains (.onion) is handled by the SOCKS proxy.