What does DAVx⁵ stand for?

What DAVx⁵ means and how it is pronounced

Some people say

… that DAVx⁵ is a mathematical term for DAVxxxxx, which is a name that hopefully doesn't violate other trademarks.

Of course, this is not true.

What it really means

DAVx⁵ aims to be a great CalDAV/CardDAV client. x⁵ calls five core values into our mind:

  • Decentralization: Although we think that a server/client architecture is a good thing for calendar and contact synchronization, there should be as many servers as needed. Every person or group of persons should have the possibility to use their own server or a trusted service provider.
  • Righteousness: Act according to the principles of good faith.
  • Openness: Open protocols like CalDAV and CardDAV allow various clients, servers and services to work together. An open-source code base is the fundament of security and trustworthiness.
  • Independence: This also means that you are not bound to a single vendor, but have free choice between available software products (or you can even create your own one).
  • Demonopolization: Monopolies can result in centralization, unfairness, closedness and dependence. Breaking monopolies is called demonopolization.

How is it pronounced?

If we can't use the superscript (U+2075), we just use the normal 5 instead: DAVx5 (for instance for file names or when you can only use ASCII characters).

So, we call it DAV-ex-five (or DAV-ix-fünf in German) internally. But it's up to you how you actually call it!