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At the moment (12 Sep 2018), it seems to be possible to synchronize with Google Calendar (CalDAV) using DAVx⁵.

Please note that synchronization with Google is not officially supported by Google or DAVx⁵. For some people it seems to work, for others it doesn't.

Using DAVx⁵ with Google does not provide any additional privacy in comparison to the default Google synchronization, but you can use it without having GApps and/or a Google account on your device and you can synchronize events older than one year/more than one year in the future.

Google account settings

If you use 2-Step-Verification for your Google account (recommended): Create an app password for DAVx⁵ and use the app password for signing in with DAVx⁵.

If you're not using 2-Step-Verification: To allow Basic auth clients like DAVx⁵ to connect, you need to "Allow less secure apps" in your Google account before setting up DAVx⁵.


DAVx⁵ settings

Base URL: (replace by your Google account)

If you need another calendar than the main calendar, you have to find out the calendar ID (something like and use this base URL:

User name: your Google account (like
Password: your generated app password if you use 2-Step-Verification (recommended); your account password if you don't use 2-Step-Verification and have allowed "less secure apps" in Google account settings

Please have a look into our forums for up-to-date information:

Last updated: 12 Feb 2019