DAVx⁵ is not affiliated to, nor has it been authorized, sponsored or otherwise approved by Google LLC.

At the moment (Aug 2020), it seems to be possible to synchronize

  • calendars of Google accounts (over CalDAV) and
  • contacts of Google accounts (over CardDAV)

using DAVx⁵.

Synchronizing with Google accounts is not officially supported neither by DAVx⁵ nor by Google. In the past, there were server errors from time to time, and it's not very easy to configure (especially when you need multiple calendars).

Tasks over CalDAV are not provided by Googles services.

Google account preparation

Before you can sign in with DAVx⁵, you have to prepare your Google account:

  • Activate 2-step verification for your Google account.
  • Then create an app password for DAVx⁵ and use it for setting up DAVx⁵.

Disabled by Google with 30 May 2022: Otherwise (if you're not using 2-step verification), you need to "Allow less secure apps" in your Google account to allow clients which use Basic auth (like DAVx⁵) to connect.

Base URLs

Base URL: (replace with the email address that you use to log-in to your Google account)

This URL allows you to detect

  1. the main calendar of the Google account,
  2. the address book of the Google account.

If you need another calendar than the main calendar, you have to

  1. go to this calendar's settings in the Google Web interface and look for the Calendar ID (something like,
  2. create a separate DAVx⁵ account with this base URL:<calendar-id>/events (replace <calendar-id> by your calendar ID)

If the address book is not detected with the main base URL from above, you can also try this one:

Username / Password

Regardless of the base URL(s) you use, these are the rules for the user name/password:

User name: your Google account (like

  • if your Google account is set to 2-Step-Verification (recommended): the app password you have generated for DAVx⁵ (see above)
  • otherwise your account password (make sure you have "allowed less secure apps" in Google account settings; see above)