DAVx⁵ has been successfully tested with Mailo.

Mailo (located in France) provides a range of services (including Webmail, agenda and storage space) that aims to protect privacy and personal data.

CalDAV/CardDAV setup

Two separate DAVx⁵ accounts are required (one for CalDAV, another for CardDAV) because there are no SRV records.

For CalDAV, use this base URL:

For CardDAV, use this base URL:

User name: your Mailo email address
Password: your Mailo password or generated app password (recommended)

Contact group method: groups are separate vCards

WebDAV setup

Mailo provides a virtual disk that supports WebDAV. However it doesn't support partial file transfer (Range requests). This feature is required for accessing WebDAV files over DAVx⁵ (except for streaming access). So WebDAV file access won't work well with DAVx⁵.


User name/password: see above