DAVx⁵ has been successfully tested with Nextcloud.

Woelkli is a Nextcloud-based cloud hosting provider in Switzerland. It offers files, calendars, contacts, tasks & more.

Nextcloud app (recommended)

DAVx⁵ is integrated with the Nextcloud app for Android. You can use it to set up DAVx⁵ without having to enter a base URL and create a device-specific password:

  1. Install the Nextcloud app for Android.
  2. Open the Settings of the Nextcloud app.
  3. Choose "Sync calendar & contacts".
  4. DAVx⁵ will open with Nextcloud Login Flow.
  5. Continue DAVx⁵ setup as usual (see below).

CalDAV/CardDAV setup

Base URL: /remote.php/dav (for instance: https://cloud.woelkli.com/remote.php/dav/ or https://pro.woelkli.com/remote.php/dav/)

Contact group method: groups are per-contact categories (other methods are supported on server side, but the Contacts Nextcloud app only uses CATEGORIES at the moment)

User name and password: your Woelkli username and

  • device-specific password for DAVx⁵ (recommended for performance and security; even required if you use two-factor authentication)
  • otherwise, the account password (not recommended)

WebDAV setup

You can access your Woelkli files using the DAVx⁵ WebDAV mounts feature.

WebDAV URL: https://cloud.woelkli.com/remote.php/webdav/ or https://pro.woelkli.com/remote.php/webdav/

User name and password: same as for CalDAV/CardDAV (using a device-specific password is highly recommended)

We recommend to use the Nextcloud app to access and synchronize your files with Android. However, there may be use cases where DAVx⁵ can do better (for instance, to stream big files). You can also use both apps together.