Yahoo Mail!

Yahoo! Mail is Yahoo's free email service. It also provides address books, calendars and task lists.

Yahoo CalDAV/CardDAV doesn't seem to be developed anymore and is broken in many ways. Also, we can' test with it anymore (see below).

We don't recommend using Yahoo CalDAV/CardDAV with DAVx5, but if you're lucky it might work.


To use Yahoo! with DAVx⁵:

  1. log into your Yahoo! account and
  2. go to "Account info" / Account security.
  3. Then generate an app password for DAVx⁵.

Currently (20 Sep 2023), Yahoo shows "This feature is currently not available" when generating an app password. This means that you currently can't use Yahoo with DAVx⁵ or other CalDAV/CardDAV clients. Also, Yahoo doesn't have a CalDAV/CardDAV scope for their OAuth. So currently you probably can't use DAVx⁵ with Yahoo.

DAVx⁵ settings

CalDAV Base URL:
CardDAV Base URL:¹

User name: Yahoo! email address
Password: the app password generated for DAVx⁵ (without spaces, like aaaabbbbccccdddd)

¹ CardDAV is not supported by Yahoo! (anymore), so please don't use it with DAVx⁵.

CalDAV errors: Please note that Yahoo can't provide correct URLs to DAVx5 when it comes to spaces or special characters in calendar names. Please always rename your calendars so that they do NOT contain any special characters. Then re-create the account in DAVx5.