Yahoo Mail!

Yahoo! Mail is Yahoo's free email service. It also provides address books, calendars and task lists.

Yahoo CalDAV/CardDAV doesn't seem to be developed anymore and is broken in many ways. Also, we can test with it anymore (see below).

We don't recommend using Yahoo CalDAV/CardDAV with DAVx5.


To use Yahoo! with DAVx⁵:

  1. log into your Yahoo! account and
  2. go to "Account info" / Account security.
  3. Then generate an app password for DAVx⁵.

Currently (20 Sep 2023), Yahoo shows "This feature is currently not available" when generating an app password. This means that you currently can't use Yahoo with DAVx⁵ or other CalDAV/CardDAV clients. Also, Yahoo doesn't have a CalDAV/CardDAV scope for their OAuth. So currently you probably can't use DAVx⁵ with Yahoo.

DAVx⁵ settings

CalDAV Base URL:
CardDAV Base URL:¹

User name: Yahoo! email address
Password: the app password generated for DAVx⁵ (without spaces, like aaaabbbbccccdddd)

¹ CardDAV is not supported by Yahoo! (anymore), so please don't use it with DAVx⁵.