Yahoo Mail!

DAVx⁵ has been successfully tested with Yahoo Mail!

Yahoo! Mail is Yahoo's free email service. It also provides address books, calendars and task lists.

Enable Basic authentication

Yahoo! uses OAuth by default, which is not supported by DAVx⁵. To use Yahoo! with DAVx⁵, log into your Yahoo! account, go to "Account info" / Account security. Then,

DAVx⁵ settings

CalDAV Base URL:
CardDAV Base URL:¹

User name: Yahoo! email address
Password: if you're using two-step verification, your app password generated for DAVx⁵; your Yahoo! account password otherwise

¹ CardDAV is not supported by Yahoo! (anymore), so please don't use it with DAVx⁵.

Last updated: 16 Nov 2019